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VA Approved for Post 9/11 GI Bill & Vocational Rehabilitation Benefits

Use your VA benefits and get equipment (you keep it!), training and housing allowance to become a dive professional in Oahu!

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We are accepting students in Honolulu, Hawaii, Lake City FL and Guam.

We are holding courses in Honolulu, HI and will be running courses in Lake City FL and Guam very shortly (mid-2018). If you are interested in taking courses in Guam or Florida, now is the time to start the process. From the time you put your paperwork in with us it will take about 60 days before you can start the course.

For most of the courses, yes – you will receive and keep the equipment. Specific equipment lists that are included in the courses will depend on the course you’re taking.

For all the courses, you’ll keep the equipment. Our course catalog is the best place to view the list of equipment that is included with each course. There is a link at the bottom of the page to download the course catalog.

Students are able to use either the Post 9/11 GI Bill® (Chapter 33), or Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (Chapter 31, VR&E). Consult your VA Representative to see if additional programs apply. If you want your VA benefits to cover all program tuition and fees, you will need to consult with your VA representative about which GI Bill® benefits are right for you.

You’ll need to attend in person and be able to commit to a minimum of 22 hours per week.

Minimum commitment level is the Divemaster program. You won’t be able to use VA benefits to become a scuba diver only as it must be used for vocational training resulting in a professional level certification. However, you can use your GI Bill® benefits to start the program at Open Water through to your desired professional level. Open Water Diver, Advanced Open Water Diver, and Rescue Diver are all scuba certifications you will either earn during your Divemaster program, or get prior credit for, because you have already achieved them outside of the program. In addition, if you have achieved prerequisite levels of certification, such as Divemaster for enrollment in the Open Water Scuba Instructor program, your benefit cannot be used to retake these classes and instead you will be issued prior credit. Other certifications approved for the use of GI Bill® benefits include Advanced Closed Circuit Rebreather Trimix Supervisor, CCR Normoxic Supervisor and CCR Instructor.
You are already receiving it if you are active duty. Spouses and children, who are using a service member’s benefit, do not receive BAH.

You will need to attend at least 22 hours per week to receive a housing allowance. The rate for Hawaii is approximately $2700 per month (as of Jan 2018).

If you are required to serve an active duty commitment, you can come back into the program where you left off. You must notify us, in writing, before your last day of attendance and also let us know when you will be returning to class. If we do have a return date on file, this is a Leave of Absence, which does not create a debt with the VA. Should you be unable to return on your specified return date, an additional letter with a new return date will be accepted.
Unfortunately, no. Not at this time. Tuition Assistance is for accredited degree granting programs and not a VA benefit. We are a non-college degree program however we are working to get approved to accept Tuition Assistance.
We are in the process of securing student housing as of (Jan 2018). The housing program will provide you an option to stay with us at the Academy rather than need to secure housing on your own. Please contact us for more details.
You can download our 2018 Course Catalog by clicking this link.

This will break down each certification that you will do for the different courses along with other details.

We offer courses with PADI and IANTD.
Get in touch and tell us about your diving goals, experience, what course(s) you’re interested and the location you’re in.

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